Stand Out on Cortex

On Cortex, gamers have a lot of choices.

Read below for tips to make your game stand out.

We designed this guide to help you optimize your GAME DETAILS PAGE. Click on GAMES in the DEV PORTAL and click "EDIT" to get started.

Game details show both on Cortex and on, so make your work shine!


Your GAME ICON is the first thing a GAMER sees about your game.

The GAME ICON shown in the launcher is embedded inside of your build APK. The expected file is in


and the image size must be 732x412.

The alternative smaller icon is shown in some settings pages located in res/drawable/app_icon.png` and the image size must be 96x96.

While the smaller icon is less visible to GAMERS, the two icons are required for submission.

A few key pointers to follow when choosing a GAME ICON:

  1. Choose imagery that you can see from far away
  2. Don't be afraid to keep it simple
  3. Add overlaying title text
  4. Make it fun! (this is difficult but worth racking your brain over it!)

Some good examples:


A while back, we hooked up with VIMEO in order to help DEVS show off their content. You can create a free VIMEO account, upload a cool trailer, and slap it onto your GAME DETAILS PAGE in a snap.

Go to GAMES in the DEV PORTAL, click "EDIT" and just copy/paste your video URL into the appropriate field.

We have a detailed guide for making a killer trailer available here.

Check out the CONTENT REVIEW GUIDELINES for more info.

Some good examples


Select a MINIMUM of FIVE (5) images to communicate the awesomeness of your game. These images run alongside the same row as your gameplay trailer, and they're priceless.

Take advantage of every image and use these pics to communicate cool game features.

Overlay a small amount of text for each image to punch across details about the game -- just keep it short and sweet. You can also use accolades and review quotes.

Some good examples:


Space is a premium. You have only a few lines to grab a gamer's attention. Best to make them count. We suggest you order your description along these lines:

  1. Reviews
  2. Synopsis
  3. Feature List
  4. What’s available in the full version

Start with any rave reviews your game has received, whether they be by the press, or even your great aunt, people appreciate a good review that communicates the quality or fun factor of your game.

Next, summarize your game. Cover the basics and then highlight the features. You can organize this in a list format to make it easy for the gamer to read.

Lastly, communicate what's available in the full version to encourage gamers to help you fund your game.

Some good examples: