Interface Guidelines

Games can use the Cortex controller buttons however they wish, but we recommend the mappings below for the A, B, X, and Y buttons. If you are running a stock Android application that is not Cortex aware, this is also how the buttons will be mapped to the standard Android navigation buttons on the navigation bar for a typical device.

The OUYA-Everywhere API is available to access button images and text for use in your games.

Serval  Default Function
A       select
B       back/cancel
X       -
Y       -

OUYA    Default Function
O       select
U       -
Y       -
A       back/cancel

Please use the naming conventions below when referring to the controller buttons in help screens for your game:

A, B, X, Y
LS (the left joystick movement)
L1 (the left bumper)
L2 (the left trigger)
L3 (the button function of pressing the left joystick straight down)
Previous/Select (SELECT)
Power (MODE)
Foward/Start (START)
Back (BACK)
Home (HOME)

TV Safe Area

Leave at least a 10% margin between your UI elements and the edge of the screen. This will help ensure that your content is visible across a wide range of TVs and settings.

More information about safe area can be found in the content review guidelines.

For further tips and advice, read Google's Designing for TV Guide.