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Tegra Toolkit

The Tegra Toolkit is a large toolset which includes the following:

Visual Studio Templates - Adds compiling and debugging Android Java and Android Native Applications

Android NDK - Development kit for compiling "C" native applications

Android SDK - Software development kid for compiling Android applications

NVidia NDK modules - for hardware accelerated development

Eclipse - A common IDE for integrated Java development

NVidia Samples - A large set of hardware accelerated examples in Java and Native Applications


Examples are included at the base GIT path.

External Storage

  • Note: In the game details, be sure to move to external storage so the app can access the external storage drive.

External Storage - Using external storage example as a Java Activity.

External Storage Native - Using external storage example as a C++ Native Activity. External storage is accessed via JNI calls.


Native In-App-Purchases -

Multiple Activities - Switch between Java activities within the same application -

Multiple Activities Native - Switch between Java activities and a native activity in the same application -

Multiple Activities WebView - Switch between Java activities with a browser in the same application -

Set Resolutions - Switch between view size resolutions -

Sound Mixer - Detect volume changes -

Safe Area - Adjust the safe area with a slider -


Android NDK -

Android SDK -

Java JDK 7 -

Java JDK 6 -

NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition -

Tegra Developer Pack -

*Be sure to register to get access to the Tegra Developer Pack downloads.
Tegra Registered Developer Program -


There is also an issue with nSight and the default install of the NVIDIA Toolkit, which can be fixed by the following two options. This fixes a compile error for ANT related to Java/NDK projects.

First/easiest option to try:
     1. Edit NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\build-tools\<each version>\dx.bat
     2. Change "set defaultMx=-Xmx1024M" to "set defaultMx=-Xmx512M"
     3. Save and exit
     4. Restart Visual Studio
     5. Rebuild
Second option:
      1. Run NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\SDKManager.exe
      2. Click "deselect all"
      3. If Tools : "Android SDK Build Tools Rev 19.0.1" is installed, check it for deletion
      4. If Tools : "Android SDK Build Tools Rev 19" is installed, check it for deletion
      5. Click "delete packages"
      6. Click Tools : "Android SDK Build Tools Rev 18.1.1"
      7. Click "Install packages"
      8. Follow the steps to take the license and install the package

Android:Drawables - A list of the built-in Android drawables -

VS-Android -

PVRTexTool - - A utility for compressing textures to reduce the texture memory footprint for games.


FAQ: Why didn't FindClass find my class? -

JNI Local Reference Changes in ICS -

Java Programming Tutorial Java Native Interface (JNI) -

Visual Studio Project Properties -

Including JARS

Within the Visual Studio project settings you'll find Configuration Properties->Ant Build->Additional Dependencies.

Here you can add:

JAR Directories: libs


JAR Dependencies: ouya-sdk.jar

Environment Variables:







NVidia Samples

The NVidia samples have an additional include directory.


The NVidia samples have an additional library directory.